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Keto Capsules for Weight Loss

iKeto - Personalized keto diet plan for weight loss

iKeto is a personalized keto meal plan for weight loss that will allow you to lose your weight fast by just sticking to the diet plan!

Effectiveness 9.8/10
Ingredients 10/10
Ease-of-use 9.9/10

Detailed review - iKeto meal plan

iKeto is a keto diet planning tool that allows you to personalize/customize your keto diet so you can achieve your diet goals by optimizing your weight loss journey.

I’ve seen similar keto diet planning tools and apps that work fine, but this one is different because it offers an extensive quiz about your goals, preferences, and overall lifestyle. Specifically, it will determine what kind of keto diet you need so you can work on your goals more efficiently and realistically.

iKeto also comes with a free eBook, easy recipes, nutritional facts and lifetime access, which is helpful and convenient. So, you won’t have to search for all things keto useful for your diet separately. All you need is in there. 

Keto diets aim at burning fat instead of carbs and that was my goal, but I actually wasn’t sure what to eat, when to eat, how to calculate macros, things like that. Also, I didn’t know how to adjust it to my lifestyle or to the type of food I’m used to eating. And then I got a plan that should work for me, specifically.

iKeto diet is based on an algorithm that will use all your answers to questions about food preferences, lifestyle, goal – all the important stuff, and based on them generate an optimal plan just for you, so – fully personalized.

The quiz is simple, option-based, easy to understand and covers all the important topics.  For me, it was important to exclude cabbage (can’t stand it). I also needed to include more fish, because my diet is lacking omega-3 fatty acids according to my doctor. And… yay! – I got my four-week diet plan in just a couple of minutes. It included 3 full meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2 snacks during the day.

I am satisfied with iKeto, it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s way easier for me to follow a diet plan when I actually know what I’m supposed to do, so thumbs up from me!

Advantages of Keto GenX

  • Fully personalized
  • Many food options
  • Easy to follow list of food to eat
  • Lifetime access
  • Free keto recipes e-book

Disadvantages of Keto GenX

  • You still need to prepare your own food

STEPS of iKeto Diet Plan

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STEP ONE: Take the quiz

The quiz is quite simple – just put down what you like, what are your overall body goals, and what kind of lifestyle you enjoy.

STEP TWO: Building of the diet plan

iKeto has a unique algorithm that assesses your choices put in the quiz and analyzes what kind of meals you should eat, so you can have what you like!


STEP THREE: Get you meal plan by email

The last step to get iKeto diet plan is to put down your name and e-mail address in order to get your personalized meal plan.

What else does iKeto personalized keto diet plan include

Keto Diet Plan includes more than just a meal plan! By ordering iKeto, you also get:

  • Keto Nutrition Facts
  • Free Keto e-Book
  • Lifetime Access to iKeto



Free eBook



Nutrition Facts



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Conclusion about iKeto personalized keto weight loss plan

"I heard about iKeto diet plan from a friend who used it and lost around 30 pounds in 2 months . I'm losing weight (9 pounds in 2 weeks) and I don't have to think about what to eat or when!"

It is really easy to gain some weight, but it is usually very hard to lose some – especially for people like me who really have a low metabolic rate. However, keto diets are based on dieting in a way that focuses on fat-burning instead of glucose-burning. That makes it easier to lose fat and lose weight over time.

High-quality output from iKeto was surprising because the use of the planning tool was really easy. It’s so comprehensible that anyone can do it. If you want to find an optimal keto diet that will ensure losing weight efficiently, I highly recommend iKeto as your starting point. It’ll allow you to progress fast by following the plan iKeto made for you.