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KetoGO - keto capsules for weight loss

KetoGO – keto capsules used for weight loss

Effectiveness 9.9/10
Ingredients 9.9/10
Ease-of-use 9.8/10

Detailed review - KetoGO

KetoGO Natural Slim is a popular ketogenic BHB formula. It’s a 60 pills standard bottle I bought as a BHB exogenous ketones month supply. 

It’s a weight-loss support keto BHB formula that should be taken daily, preferably before meals. Of all the potential BHB ketones supplement benefits, I was interested because it promises better hunger control. My main problem was appetite suppression and I needed a keto BHB formula that works, so I gave it a try.

I received the product 2 days after placing the order, which is fast delivery.  Ingredients and instructions on how to use them are on the box. My cravings were intense so I decided to take the whole daily serving of two capsules at once, before breakfast. I was on keto for three weeks before I started taking KetoGO and my cravings were worst in the morning, so I took a whole daily serving before breakfast. It was a good decision.

KetoGO is an easy to use, no brainer BHB exogenous ketones supplement that worked well for me. I tested it for a month and then tested a keto powder product with more ketones. I returned to pills as powder upset my stomach and pills helped me feel less hungry. 
I started eating less almost right away, which continued over time, so I lost 3 pounds more than I usually lose on keto during the first month of use.

I recommend the product for efficient hunger control and as a help in losing more pounds while on keto.

Advantages of KetoGO

  • Better hunger control
  • Increases weight loss efficiency
  • Uses fats as energy
  • Helps maintain ketosis

Disadvantages of KetoGO

  • Potential dehydration

KetoGO composition


Calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones.

Calcium bound BHB ketones

Sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate

Sodium bound BHB ketones


Magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate

Magnesium bound BHB ketones

Other ingredients of KetoGO

KetoGO keto weight loss capsules contain additional ingredients:

Technical details - design and packaging of KetoGO

KetoGO bottle is a standard capsule container. Design is suitable for storing your capsules. The label provides all the technical details and instructions for use. 


Package Quantity


Number of portions


Serving Size


Daily Value


Conclusion about KetoGO

"KetoGO is my daily chouce of BHB ketones - I take it before breakfast to surpress hunger and to keep keto cravings away. It helped me lose more weight on keto than doing keto alone!"

KetoGO is a weight-loss support BHB ketones product in the form of capsules that are taken on a daily basis. KetoGO is a BHB formula that does what I expected it to do, kept cravings away and helped my keto diet.  KetoGO makes you feel more full more quickly, eat less and lose more fat more efficiently. KetoGO is a quality BHB product that worked well for me and my keto diet.